A study was conducted at the Diabetes Thyroid and Endocrine Center, Mumbai, India to observe the comparative efficacy of 3 drugs from the SGLT2i class- Canagliflozin (C), Empagliflozin (E) and Dapagliflozin (D) on the cardio-renal biomarkers in T2DM patients followed for 1 year.


The study included 150 individuals with type 2 diabetes, treated with dapagliflozin, empagliflozin or canagliflozin therapy between January to March’20. Each drug group included 50 patients and they were assessed for cardio-renal {CR} biomarkers [BMI-kg/m2, systolic (S) BP, diastolic (D) BP {mm in Hg}, Lipid profile mg/dl, Hs-CRP {mg/L}, NT-ProBNP pg/mL, creatinine {Cr}, Cystatin- C {Cy-C} eGFR, UACR] & followed 2-3 monthly for 1 yr.


From the study results it was observed that Canagliflozin significantly reduced DBP (DBP reduction at 1 year: C 6.52±1.177, D 1.280±1.571, E 5.840±1.877p-0.040) & Apo-B (C 12.087±3.2951, D 1.1828±3.0408, E 0.6062±0.7705 p-0.023) compared to dapagliflozin & empagliflozin. In addition, Canagliflozin significantly reduced hs-CRP, SBP, DBP & Apo-B compared to dapagliflozin (SBP (7.480±3.755, p-0.049), DBP 5.240±1.963, p-0.009), Apo-B (10.904±4.913, p-0.029) & hs-CRP (1.574±0.636, p-0.015).


Abstract 866 European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASDInternational Congress 2022, 19th – 23rd Sept. 2022, Stockholm