NEBUFLO Mesh Nebulizer
16 Aug, 21
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1. Indications for Use of NEBUFLO

The Nebuflo portable mesh nebulizer should be used for medications meant for nebulization prescribed by your physician primarily to patients with respiratory disorder. It is intended for adults and pediatric patients and may be used at home, in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

2. How to Use NEBUFLO correctly

Nebuflo portable mesh nebulizer [Figure. 1] consists of five important parts:

  • Medication Cup
  • Main unit
  • Mouthpiece
  • Face Mask
  • Medical Adapter

Figure. 1. Parts and accessories of Nebuflo Mesh Nebulizer

1. Wash your hands and ensure your hands are clean, before you touch any of the device parts.

2. Open the pouch and remove the main unit, medication cup, mouthpiece/or face mask from it.

3. Attach the medication cup to the main unit by sliding it as shown here.

When you hear the click sound, it indicates that the medication cup is firmly fitted on the main unit.

  4. Open the lid of the medication cup and add your medicine. Close the lid.

  5. Attach the mouthpiece or face mask to the nozzle.

  6. Begin your treatment by pressing the start button. The upper indicator will show green colour. You will see the mist/vapour coming out of the device.

   7. Sit comfortably in upright position and inhale the mist holding the nebulizer vertically.

   8. Continue the treatment until the liquid inside the medication cup is used up and the device turns off.

   9. When there is no medication left to be nebulized, the device will automatically turn off.

  10. Once the treatment is complete switch off the nebulizer.

  11. Once the medication is taken, detach the medication cup from the main unit & follow steps as per cleaning mentioned in section 4.

3. Safety Precautions and Warnings

1. Nebuflo portable mesh nebulizer is for single patient use. DO NOT share your nebulizer with any other person.

2. DO NOT attempt to repair the device yourself.

3. Store the device in a safe place away from water or any other liquid. DO NOT use while bathing. Avoid dropping the device as it may get damaged.

4. When you are using the nebulizer for the first time, clean and disinfect the medication cup as per the instructions mentioned in cleaning and disinfection as mentioned in section 4 & 5.

5. When using for the first time, there is no need to disinfect the face mask/mouthpiece. However, once opened and used, they need to be disinfected for further use.

6. DO NOT over charge the device.

7. DO NOT use the nebulizer, when it is in the charging mode.

8. Never operate or even charge the nebulizer if any of the components are damaged or broken.

9. Use only the accessories and adapters (output: DC5V 2.0 A) which are authorized for the Nebuflo portable mesh nebulizer. Use of accessories or adapters from other unauthorized sources may lead to damage to the device or improper treatment or injury to the user.

10. Before using the nebulizer, ensure that all parts are assembled correctly.

11. After cleaning, ensure that all the parts are dry. Left over moisture can increase the risk of contamination and hence infections.

12. Cleaning the nebulizer as per the instructions will prevent the mesh from clogging. If clogging occurs, the amount of mist formed will get reduced, which may result in an ineffective treatment.

13. DO NOT use cleaning or disinfection procedures other than those described in this manual. Use of other methods can damage the nebulizer parts or accessories.

14. This product contains parts that may cause choking hazard in children. Hence, keep out of the reach of children.

15. When administering the treatment to children, closely supervise the procedure and do not leave children unattended.

16. When in use, keep the nebulizer vertical. If the nebulizer is tilted backwards, the mist may not be adequately produced leading to ineffective treatment.

17. The nebulizer is programmed to switch off automatically after 15 minutes. When there is foaming in the medication cup, the nebulizer may not switch off automatically. In such a case, turn off the nebulizer manually to prevent the damage due to over working.

18. If there is lot of foaming in the medication cup, then the amount of mist produced may also get reduced. In such a case, turn off the nebulizer, shake it gently and try to reduce the foam and turn it on again.

19. Electric shock may cause serious injury or death. To avoid, please follow the below instructions:

  • DO NOT immerse the main unit in water or other liquid

  • DO NOT use or store the device in humid locations, such as in a bathroom
  • Use the device within operating temperature and humidity [5?C to approximately 40?C & relative humidity of 15-90%]

20. DO NOT operate the device near hot device or open fire.

4. How to Clean NEBUFLO?

Cleaning and disinfection should be performed after every use.

I. Cleaning the medication cup:

Step 1:

Remove the medication cup, mask or mouthpiece from the main unit. Open the lid of the medication cup, pour out and discard unused medicine. Put the medication cup back on the main unit without mask or mouthpiece.

Step 2: Follow one of the two options:

Option 1:

Add approximately 3-6 ml of potable water in the medication cup and close the lid. Shake the medication cup gently to wash out residual liquid medicine. Open the lid and pour the water out and proceed with the in-built cleaning mode.

Option 2:

Immerse the medication cup into the potable water for 5 mins. Remove the medication cup after 5 mins. Wipe the external surface of the medication cup using lint-free cloth and proceed with the in-built cleaning mode.

Step 3:

Again, add approximately 3-6ml of potable water in the medication cup and press ON/OFF button for 3 seconds. ON the upper indicator, alternate blue and green lights will start flashing. The nebulizer will enter the cleaning mode which will last for 2 minutes after which it will turn off automatically.

II. Washing and Cleaning accessories:

The used mouthpiece or facemask, and the medication cup are the accessories or the parts which should be cleaned after every use. Immerse mouthpiece or facemask in warm potable water with a little liquid dish washing soap (Dilution as per soap manufacturer?s instructions) for 20 seconds minimum. Rinse/immerse the parts in potable water or warm potable water < 40?C to remove traces of soap. Drain the water and air dry the parts on clean, dry surface or lint-free cloth. After the parts are completely dry, place them in the bag or the pouch. DO NOT reassemble the nebulizer until just prior to the next treatment.

DO NOT immerse the main unit in water or other liquid. Wipe the surface of the main unit using lint free soft cloth or damp gauze.


  1. DO NOT wash or rinse any of the parts under strong running water.

  2. Do not boil or microwave the medication cup as it may damage the mesh and the medication cup.

  3. DO NOT soak the parts in cleaning solutions other than that is recommended.

  4. DO NOT touch the mesh while cleaning, as it may damage the mesh.

  5. DO NOT immerse the main unit in water. It may permanently damage the unit.

  6. Never use the left-over medicine. Always discard the remaining medicine. Use fresh medicine every time you use the device.

5. How to Disinfect NEBUFLO?

  • Disinfection should be done at the end of every treatment day. Clean the nebulizer accessories as described in ?How to Clean NEBUFLO?
  • At the end of every treatment day, disinfect the parts or accessories (medication cup, mouthpiece and facemask) by wiping with 70% alcohol two times.
  • Rinse the parts with clean potable water and airdry and store in a clean pouch or bag.
  • Ensure all the parts are air dried completely before storing it.