Role of Cyclines in ICU (May 2019)

Published on: May-2019
Moderator: Dr Vasant Nagvekar
MD (Med)
Department of Infectious diseases, Fellowship ID, Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai, India
Speaker: Dr Nikhil Balankhe
M.D Internal Medicine,
Orange City Hospital, Nagpur , India
Speaker: Dr Neethu Philip
MD Microbiology
Rajgiri Hospital, Cochin, India
Speaker: Dr Hemanth H R
Senior Consultant, Critical Care NH Hospital Bangalore

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  • Moderator: Dr Vasant Nagvekar
  • Speaker: Dr Nikhil Balankhe
  • Speaker: Dr Neethu Philip
  • Speaker: Dr Hemanth H R
  • Moderator: Dr. Sunil Karanth
  • Faculty: Capt. Indra Rani
  • Panelist 1: Ms. Aileen Mathias
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